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South Tyneside Council management structure

Martin Swales, Chief Executive

Martin Swales 3

Phone: 0191 424 7010

Martin Swales has served as Chief Executive of South Tyneside Council since 2010.

Find out more: Martin Swales, Chief Executive

Children, Adults and Health

Mike Conlon

Acting Corporate Director - Mike Conlon

Phone: 0191 424 7568

Find out more about the Children, Adults and Health management structure

Public Health

Tom Hall

Director of Public Health - Tom Hall

Phone: 0191 424 7566

Find out more about the Children, Adults and Health management structure

Economic Regeneration

George Mansbridge

Acting Corporate Director - George Mansbridge

Phone: 0191 424 7969

Find out more about the Economic Regeneration management structure

Business and Resources

Stuart Reid

Corporate Director - Stuart Reid

Phone: 0191 424 7765

Find out more about the Business and Resources management structure

Details of Senior Officer salaries and allowances can be found in the Council's Financial Statements

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