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Parking fines and penalty charge notices



  1. Pay a penalty charge notice (PCN)
  2. View and challenge a penalty charge notice (PCN)
  3. Pay a charge certificate
  4. Parking charges
  5. Bus lane charges 
  6. How to avoid parking fines
  7. Car parks owned by the Council
  8. Your personal data
  9. Contact the Parking team

Pay a penalty charge notice (PCN)

Penalty charge notices (PCN) are also known as parking fines or parking tickets. You could also get one for driving in a bus lane. 

To pay, you will need the reference number (which starts with TY) from your PCN.

A discounted rate applies if you pay the fine within 14 days of the notice being served.

Pay a penalty charge notice (PCN)

View and challenge a penalty charge notice (PCN)

Using the link below, you can: 

  • view details of your PCN, including any images
  • challenge your PCN - you must do this within 28 days of your PCN being served (if you do this within 14 days, you will still be able to pay the discounted rate if your challenge is unsuccessful)
  • make a formal representation - you can do this if you challenged your PCN and the challenge was rejected

You will need the reference number (which starts with TY) from your penalty charge notice (PCN).

The link below goes to an external website, hosted by our parking software provider. Please read the terms and conditions and privacy notice.

View and challenge a penalty charge notice (PCN)

Pay a charge certificate

Charge certificates are given when a penalty charge notice (PCN) has not been paid or challenged within 28 days. 

You cannot challenge a charge certificate. 

Pay a charge certificate

Parking charges

  • Parking on single or double yellow lines, school zig zags or approaching pedestrian crossings - £70 (or £35 if paid within 14 days of notice being served)
  • Expired pay and display ticket overstays - £50 (or £25 if paid within 14 days of notice being served)

A fine will be sent by post if the enforcement officer can't issue it. This could happen if the motorist drives away or acts aggressively.

Bus lane charges

Driving in bus lanes, supported by digital photographic evidence from an approved device - £60 (or £30 if paid within 14 days of notice being served)

How to avoid parking fines

Look out for lines, signs and notices when you park. These tell you about any restrictions or charges that apply. The Highway Code will help to explain what these signs and lines mean.

Make sure that you:

  • Check the times when parking is allowed
  • Check that you're parked within the markings of a bay
  • Check that the bay is not out of use

Car parks owned by the Council

South Tyneside Council will only give fines for parking violations in car parks that are owned by the Council. See a map of Council car parks.

There are many private car parks in South Tyneside (including Asda, Morrisons, South Tyneside Hospital, Euro Car Parks and more). These are managed by private companies, not South Tyneside Council.

Your personal data

If you have received a penalty charge notice (PCN) from South Tyneside Council, personal data has been collected in order to serve the PCN and enforce the parking terms and conditions. For full details, read the privacy notice.

Contact the Parking team

For more information, or if you need help with a parking fine, contact the Parking team on 0191 424 7900 (Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.30pm and Friday, 9am to 4pm).

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