Appeal a planning decision


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The appeals system is managed by The Planning Inspectorate, based in Bristol, and they will appoint a Planning Inspector to decide your appeal.

Only the person (or company) that made the planning application to the Council.

If your planning application has been refused you may wish to discuss with the case officer if there is any scope for alterations to it. This may enable you to resubmit an amended planning application rather than make an appeal.

If you are thinking about making an appeal against non-determination, it is recommended that you speak to the case officer before you do.  This is because there may be a simple reason for the delay. For example, the planning committee that will consider your application might take place outside of the time limit set out in our acknowledgement letter.

Time limits for making an appeal

If the Council has decided your planning application the appeal time limits will be included with the decision notice.

If the Council has not made a decision on your planning application within the time period set out in its acknowledgement letter, or you have not agreed to extend the time period for the Council to make a decision, it is also possible to make an appeal. This type of appeal is known as an appeal against non-determination.


There is usually no fee for making an appeal, but some types of enforcement notice appeal need a fee.

If you use an agent to make your appeal, for example the person or company you used to submit the planning application, you will need to agree and pay their fees.

The Appeals Casework Portal

The Planning Inspectorate: Appeals Casework Portal lets you submit certain types of appeal online, together with supporting documentation.

You can also use this service to search for appeals and in some cases view the decision letter. Please note not all types of planning appeal are accessible using this service.

More information

For more information on planning appeals, visit:

Planning Inspectorate

Planning Inspectorate: Appeals Casework Portal