Pest control

Pest control charges

Pest control charges
Pest ControlCharge (£) Nov 23 Incl VAT
Eradication of wasps/fleas/ants/other pests76.00
Eradication of Cockroaches143.50
Eradication of Bedbugs163.00
Commercial hourly rate for Pest Control125.50
Domestic Mouse Treatment (incl VAT)76.00
Rat Treatment (External to the property)53.00
Rat Treatment (inside the property)76.00
Advice Visits26.50
Pest Control Charge for 'Abortive Visits'35.50

The pest control charge for a 'Failed Appointment' is £32.50. 

These are visits that have been booked in with the agreement of the tenant but fail to attend. For example, they are not home or do not allow access. 

All charges are inclusive of VAT.

Treatments for ants, cockroaches, fleas, garden beetles, garden mites, earwigs, wasps, woodlice, and other pests are included in your rent payment if you are a South Tyneside Homes tenant.