Alabama Rot


  1. Overview
  2. Cases in South Tyneside
  3. The signs of Alabama Rot
  4. How Alabama Rot spreads
  5. Where to walk your dog
  6. What you can do as a dog owner
  7. What South Tyneside Council is doing


Alabama Rot is a deadly disease affecting dogs that can cause kidney failure. 

The disease is extremely rare and very little is known about it. 

It is not a threat to humans and there is no evidence that it affects other animals.

Cases in South Tyneside

We have been informed of one suspected case. We are not aware of any confirmed cases. 

Alabama Rot can only be confirmed by a post-mortem examination.

Whilst we understand that dog owners are understandably concerned, it is important to remember that it is a very rare disease.

The signs of Alabama Rot

The disease can lead to kidney failure and / or skin lesions. 

If you notice a wound, lesion or blister on your dog's leg or face, seek advice from your vet. Most lesions will not be caused by the disease. 

If your dog starts vomiting or stops eating, or if you have any concerns, contact your vet.

How Alabama Rot spreads

How Alabama Rot spreads is unknown. 

There appears to be an association with dogs that have been walked in woodland areas, but this is not confirmed. 

Where to walk your dog

We have no confirmed cases within the borough. 

Even with confirmed cases it is virtually impossible to say where affected dogs caught the disease so you should walk your dog as usual. 

What you can do as a dog owner

Wash your dog if it has been through wet and muddy areas.

What South Tyneside Council is doing

We are aware that dog owners are very concerned about this disease. 

We are working with our local veterinary practices to provide accurate information and advice. We will share this information with dog owners through our website and local forums.