Air quality


Historically pollution in towns and cities in this country was because of coal fires and heavy industry.

Nowadays, the main threat tends to be from high levels of road traffic and congestion.

The impact of air pollution on our health can include:

PollutantHealth effect
Nitrogen DioxideHigh levels cause inflammation to the airways of the lungs. Long term exposure can reduce lung function. Can enhance the effect of allergens in sensitive individuals.
Particulate MatterShort and long term are associated with respiratory and cardiovascular illness.
Sulphur dioxideCauses constriction of the airways of the lungs.
Carbon monoxideReduces the uptake of oxygen in the blood, this can lead to reduction of oxygen to the bodies tissues.
OzoneHigh concentration can irritate the eyes and nose. Very high levels can cause inflammation to the airways of the lungs.

Pollution also has implications on the area's natural environment and economy.