Jarrow regeneration


  1. Regeneration plans
  2. Jarrow Focus
  3. Viking Shopping Centre
  4. The Viking Energy Network

Regeneration plans 

The vision for Jarrow sets out plans to evolve the town centre into a place where people want to live, work and visit.

Jarrow's most recent regeneration project took the form of a brand-new leisure facility, adding to the Council's leisure portfolio.

Jarrow is also leading the way in renewable energy schemes.

Lots of exciting activity is to take place in the future too, especially with the recent announcement that the town has been awarded £20 million from the government's Towns Fund.

Jarrow Focus

Jarrow Focus opened at the beginning of 2019.

It boasts:

  • a redesigned gym
  • sports hall
  • dance studio
  • theatre
  • a new library

Jarrow Focus

Jarrow Focus
Jarrow Focus theatre
Jarrow Focus Gym
Jarrow Focus studio
Jarrow Focus library
Jarrow Focus library
Jarrow Focus
Jarrow Focus building

Viking Shopping Centre

The Viking Shopping Centre, in the heart of Jarrow, demonstrates public and private sectors working together in partnership.

The Council supports private sector investment to make sure the town is the best it can be, providing an excellent offer to residents, workers and visitors.

The Viking Energy Network

The Viking Energy Network is a cutting-edge, multi-million-pound scheme that will be the first of its kind in the UK.

It will harness heat from the River Tyne and export it to a network of Council and community buildings.

It will help to save around half a million pounds in fuel costs per year.

Viking Energy Network Jarrow