South Shields regeneration: Foreshore


A programme of promenade improvements totalling over £9m is ongoing. This investment has seen a dramatic change in the appearance and perceptions of the Foreshore.

In developing the Foreshore it is essential that new activities help extend the holiday season beyond the summer months. In the longer term, an all year round Foreshore offer is our goal.

Linking the activities at the Foreshore with Ocean Road and the Town Centre will be essential in securing a longer visitor stay and greater spend.

Expanding the South Shields offer through increased visitor accommodation will help increase the visitor numbers and length of stay resulting in greater expenditure in the local economy.

It is also important to sustain the excellent offer we currently provide for our residents and visitors. Increasing the offer and remaining competitive are important elements to success but the underlying attraction remains the sea, beaches and parks, all of which are free of charge.

It is important that the Foreshore remains an accessible and affordable attraction which is open to all residents and visitors.