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Recycling Village (tip)


  1. Important information before you visit
  2. Which days you can visit
  3. Which vehicles can visit 
  4. Permits 
  5. Types of waste you can bring
  6. Opening times
  7. Getting here
  8. Businesses and tradespeople
  9. Shop

Important information before you visit

The Recycling Village is open during the national lockdown from 5 November 2020. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are new restrictions in place at the Recycling Village.

Things to check before you visit

If you do visit

  • only one person per vehicle (or two from the same household if you have heavy items)
  • you must live in South Tyneside - please provide proof of your postcode if asked
  • wash your hands before and after visiting, and avoid touching your face
  • you must be in a vehicle - pedestrians cannot carry waste into the Recycling Village
  • the Recycling Village is for personal use only, not commercial waste
  • for safety reasons please do not queue onto Boldon Lane

Changes at the Recycling Village

  • social distancing at 2 metres is strictly enforced
  • staff cannot help you to unload your vehicle
  • traffic management is in place at the site
  • the site needs regular cleaning and may need to temporarily close for this
  • the Recycling Village shop is closed during the national lockdown from 5 November 2020
  • the maximum number of vehicles allowed in the Recycling Village is 8

If anyone you live with has had COVID-19 symptoms

  • leave waste for 72 hours before bringing to site
  • double bag all waste
  • anyone who is isolating, or who has COVID-19 symptoms must not visit under any circumstances

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