Have Your Say on Highways Improvements

Posted by: Press team on 15 October 2021 10:15

South Tyneside Council is to begin consultation on plans to enhance safety and improve walking and cycling provision in a local community.

The proposals include the introduction of a 'Quiet Lane' on Moor Lane, which runs between Cleadon and East Boldon, as well as traffic calming measures in the surrounding area.

Quiet Lanes are nationally recognised minor rural roads or networks or rural roads suitable for activities such as cycling, horse-riding, jogging and walking which preserve the character and tranquillity of the countryside.

In October last year, a trial scheme was implemented on Moor Lane to create a safe route for all non-motorised users (NMUs), which includes pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

The road was made one-way, with the eastbound carriageway reallocated to NMUs.

A six-week consultation period was carried out about the scheme and whether it should be made permanent. Traffic data was also gathered to assess the impact of the measures.

A permanent version of the scheme was designed, taking into account residents' feedback. A further three weeks of informal consultation was carried out, during which more than 500 responses were received - both in favour of and opposed to the scheme.  

Now officers have devised a potential alternative and are once again consulting members of the public.

Cllr Jim Foreman, Lead Member for Housing and Transport, said: "We know that there has been a lot of strength of feeling - both for and against - about this scheme and we've had a great deal of feedback from residents.

"We've taken on board all the different views and have been investigating potential alternative options.

"We think the scheme we are now proposing, including the quiet lane, is the best compromise and will help meet everyone's needs.

"We believe these proposals address the main goals of creating a safer environment for vulnerable road users and promoting active travel, while addressing some of the key concerns raised by objectors."

Investing in the natural and built environment is one of the council's key priorities.

Letters are being sent to properties directly affected by the plans.

The proposals include:

  • Making Moor Lane 30mph from a point approximately 110 metres east of its junction with Whitburn Road to its junction with Broadlands
  • Making Moor Lane east of Broadlands a 20mph zone along with the residential area to the north
  • Making Moor Lane from its junction with Whitburn Road to a point 110 metres east 20mph, including Sandpiper View
  • Traffic calming measures (speed humps) throughout the 20mph zone
  • Changing directional signage to encourage the use of alternative routes
  • Making the 30mph section of Moor Lane a Quiet Lane to create a safer environment for NMUs
  • Narrowing of the junction of Woodlands Road and Whitburn Road to improve crossing for pedestrians and reduce the speed of vehicles entering woodlands road

The consultation will start on Friday 15 October and end on 5 November.

People can give their views by visiting  https://southtynesidehighwayimprovementschemes.commonplace.is/

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