Resident parking permit


  1. Overview
  2. How the permits work
  3. Who can apply
  4. Cost
  5. How to apply
  6. When you will get your permit


You need a permit to park on some streets in South Tyneside, where parking has become a problem.

This is to stop people who don't live on these streets parking there. 

How the permits work

  • Permits last for one year
  • Renewal letters are sent 4 weeks before the permits are set to expire
  • Each household can have up to two permits (one permit per vehicle)
  • For visitors, each household can have up to 8 visitor booklets (25 visitor permits per booklet)

Who can apply

You need to live on the street that you are applying for a permit for.


Resident parking permits cost £50 for your first year, then £20 per year to renew. 

You can get a permit free of charge if you:

How to apply

To apply for a resident parking permit, complete the attached form:

Resident Parking Permit application form

Please read the guidance note before completing the form. See, Resident parking permit: Guidance notes

See our privacy notice for full details on how personal data is collected.

Once completed, please send the form by either:

Payment will be arranged through telephone.

When you will get your permit

Your permit will be sent to you through the post, usually within 2 to 3 working days.