Home education: Resources


The most important resource you have to offer when home schooling, is your time.

You have lots of advantages that a school-based teacher doesn't have:

  • You know your child better than anyone else
  • You have lots of time to devote to your child
  • You have all of your child's attention, rather than sharing you with a class of other children
  • You can change plans at short notice, instead of following a fixed plan or curriculum
  • You can link a lot of activities to familiar situations - design technology can involve D-I-Y or food preparation, science can involve the garden, mathematics could be related to budgeting, a history project could start with a television documentary that you would have watched anyway, and a family holiday can be a geography lesson

The Government recognises your child's right to a home education, but you have to fund it yourself.

There are lots of useful educational tools that are available at no cost or for very little.

For more information on home schooling see home schooling.