Personal assistants


If you are disabled or live with an impairment or health condition, you might consider using a personal assistant (PA) to help you with your day to day living. 

PAs can do things like accompany you on your daily activities, whether that's shopping, going to work or college, to social activities or clubs. They can work with children or adults.

They can also support you around your home by helping you get up and ready for the day, with your personal care or helping prepare your meals. 

Not everyone who employs a personal assistant needs support with personal care.

People who have had a social care assessment or are eligible for a personal health budget through Continuing Healthcare Funding may choose to have a Direct Payment and arrange their own care. They often employ PA's as it can be a way of receiving support or care which you are in control of, so you can organise it to suit your lifestyle whilst meeting your social care needs.