What bullying is

Bullying is deliberately hurtful behaviour that is repeated over time.

It can:

  • be spoken, physical or emotional
  • happen at school, in the neighbourhood or in a relationship

Bullying involves someone using their power over someone else.

It can include:

  • threats and physical violence
  • name calling
  • damage to property
  • leaving pupils out of social activities deliberately
  • spreading rumours
  • upsetting mobile phone or email messages (cyber bullying)

What bullying isn't

Bullying isn't:

  • Falling out with people or friends breaking up
  • Short term arguments
  • A fight or quarrel between 2 children of equal power or strength
  • Occasional teasing
  • Bickering

Anti-bulling guide

This Anti-bullying book may help you understand bullying and how it can affect those involved.