School attendance


When it comes to attending school, you should remember:

  • Low attendance means a lower chance of getting into further education and employment
  • Good attendance means higher grades and better chances in life
  • Missing the odd day can become a habit
  • Every lesson in school matters and if you have time off you may find it difficult to catch up
  • Absences for medical appointments should be requested as far in advance as possible and your parents/carers should try to make routine appointments (for example dental check ups) during school holidays or after school hours
  • School is a great place to have fun and make new friends and it can give you improved confidence
  • There is a strong link between non-attendance and street crime and/or substance abuse
  • Attending school improves your health!  It encourages good social skills and the ability to create friendships and will also help you physically through regular exercise
  • Lateness equals lost learning
  • Five minutes every day adds up to over three days lost each year