New Leader Sets Priorities for South Tyneside

Posted by: Press team on 12 March 2021 14:51

New South Tyneside Council Leader Cllr Tracey Dixon has set out new priorities for the authority with five areas focused on delivering for the people of the Borough.  

Despite the contact restrictions in place, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cllr Dixon has used her first 100 days in office to listen to the needs of communities and shape further positive change for South Tyneside. Now, the Leader has set out her five priorities to the people of South Tyneside.

Cllr Tracey Dixon said: "I want to start an open dialogue with the residents and businesses of South Tyneside and setting out what we will do to deliver community priorities is the first step in that conversation.

"Our priorities are based on what we already know, and what residents and businesses have told us to date, but the conversation doesn't stop there. As restrictions ease, I intend to reach more communities to find out what is most important, particularly as we start a much-needed recovery from the pandemic.

"I want communities to tell us if we don't get things right and work with us to make things better. I want to lead the Council with residents and businesses by our side, by working together I know we can make a real difference to this wonderful borough of South Tyneside."

The Council's priorities are things that Cabinet Members want to deliver on in addition to everything the Council does day to day. They cover five key commitments

  • support young people in need
  • support families and our older or more vulnerable communities.
  • create the conditions for recovery and investment
  • supporting town centres, high streets, villages and hospitality
  • investing in our natural and built environment.

Despite the pandemic, the new leadership team have already taken the first steps to bring about real change.  Making significant progress in improving facilities for children with special educational needs, bringing forward carbon cutting schemes, securing external funding for major infrastructure projects and reshaping local funding to invest in local issues in neighbourhoods right across the Borough. 

Cllr Dixon added: "We can't change things overnight, despite how eager we are to do so.

"Whilst we want to deliver, we also want to ensure that we are delivering those things that really matter to our communities. Especially as we have a long and difficult road to recovery ahead of us.

"I also want local people to hold us to account. I want an open conversation with residents and businesses so that we can shape the future of our Borough together."

In order to find out the views of the people of South Tyneside, a community survey will be commissioned when conditions allow.

In the meantime, residents can get involved directly, through our Community Area Forums, which will be reshaped in the new municipal year to provide greater flexibility in funding schemes that meet local priorities.

Last modified: 01 October 2021 14:54