New Bathing Site for South Tyneside

Posted by: Press Team on 13 May 2024 15:37

Littlehaven Beach in South Tyneside has been approved as a bathing water ahead of the summer season.

Defra has approved South Tyneside Council's application for the site to be designated as a bathing site, following a consultation. The news means the water quality at Littlehaven will be regularly monitored and tested by the Environment Agency during the annual bathing season before being given a water classification of 'poor', 'sufficient', 'good' or 'excellent.' This will give bathers a clearer picture on water quality from a public health perspective.  The Environment Agency will also assess what action is needed to improve water quality to meet the standards set by the Bathing Water Regulations if minimum standards are not met.

Councillor Ernest Gibson, Lead Member for Neighbourhoods and Climate Change at South Tyneside Council, said: "Littlehaven is a beautiful part of our coastline. It is much loved by both residents and visitors and an extremely popular spot for sea swimming and water sports.

"Given the number of people who enjoy our seaside all year round and regularly use Littlehaven, it is fantastic that the beach has received bathing water designation and will now undergo regular water quality monitoring during the summer season.

"Having this official designation will help us better protect the health of those going into the water at this spot and will provide people with up-to-date information and the confidence to make an informed decision before taking a dip."

The coastline at Littlehaven has seen significant investment over the last ten years. The creation of Littlehaven Seawall and Promenade has revitalised the area providing an improved coastal defence as well as a stunning visitor attraction.

Councillor Gibson added: "Being designated a bathing water builds on these improvements and also supports the work we are doing as a Council following our ocean recovery declaration, Motion for the Ocean, and provide the data needed for action to be taken if minimum standards are not met."

Annual water quality testing is already carried out at Sandhaven Beach and Marsden Bay - both designated bathing waters. Sandhaven has been classed as Excellent and Marsden as Good for this bathing season.


Last modified: 13 May 2024 15:38