Fostering with South Tyneside Council

How much you will get paid

Types of payments

All of South Tyneside's Foster Carers receive allowances so they can provide for the children in their care.

You will get a fee as well as the child's allowance. The amount you get depends on the type of foster parent you are.

Please talk to us to learn more about these exciting and rewarding opportunities.

Weekly child allowance 

The weekly child allowance to Foster Carers varies depending on the age of the child. 

Per week, Foster Carers will get:

  • £159 for children aged 0 to 4
  • £175 for children aged 5 to 10
  • £199 for children aged 11 to 15
  • £233 for children aged 16 to 17

Payment for skills

We offer 'Payment for Skills'.

This means the more experience and qualifications carers gain, the more they will be paid. 

This means that children are supported by skilled, motivated and rewarded carers.

You will get:

  • a competitive weekly skills fee, and
  • a weekly maintenance allowance

You will also be supported to develop a range of skills that meet the needs of the children you care for.

Significant opportunities for training and development are offered to all carers through the Foster Carer Training programme.

Access is provided to the Local Safeguarding Children's Board training sessions and to qualifications in Care, Counselling and Health and Social Care.

Overview of payments and skills

There are four levels of foster carers (levels 1 to 4).

All levels receive a weekly maintenance allowance.

Levels 2, 3 and 4 also receive a weekly skills fee.

See below for an overview of the skills, placement expectations and financial support for each level. 

Level 1 overview
  • Skills: 
    • Have some experience of childcare e.g. parenting / have a significant relationship with a named child. 
  • Financial support:
    • Weekly maintenance allowance per child.
Level 2 overview
  • Skills:
    • Have experience of childcare e.g. parenting / looking after other people's children / paid or voluntary work in childcare.
  • Placement expectations:
    • Medium risk.
    • Caring for a young person for a set period of time.
    • Challenging behaviour that is manageable.
  • Financial support:
    • Weekly maintenance allowance per child.
    • Weekly skills fee - £250 per child.
Level 3 overview
  • Skills:
    • Significant childcare experience or related experience e.g. nursing, youth work, teaching.
  • Placement expectations:
    • Medium to high risk.
    • Must be able to take children with more complex needs and undertake more challenging tasks. This may include issues such as child sexual exploitation, physical / verbal aggression, school refusal, offending behaviour etc.
  • Financial support:
    • Weekly maintenance allowance per child.
    • Weekly skills fee - £350 per child.
Level 4 overview
  • Skills:
    • Significant formal childcare experience e.g. previous fostering (2 years minimum including children with complex needs) / employment in childcare. 
  • Placement expectations:
    • Highest risk.
    • Emergency placements.
    • One approved carer in the household must have a full time commitment to fostering with no other paid work commitments outside the fostering service. 
  • Financial support:
    • Weekly maintenance allowance per child
    • Weekly skills fee - £450 per child