Grass cutting


  1. Overview
  2. When we cut grass
  3. How often we cut grass
  4. Grass cuttings
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The Council works with contractors to maintain grassed areas throughout South Tyneside.

There are approximately 5 million square metres of grass in the borough, including: 

  • open spaces 
  • parks 
  • cemeteries 
  • highway verges 
  • sports pitches 
  • residential areas 

Our grass cutting activity helps keep footpaths and roads clear while also protecting local habitats and species.

When we cut grass

We cut the grass between March and October, but schedules can change because of weather. 

To prevent damage, we don't cut grass: 

  • during heavy rainfall 
  • after long dry spells when the grass doesn't grow 

During this time, teams are moved onto alternative tasks such as: 

  • rough grass maintenance 
  • conservation area maintenance 
  • meadow grass maintenance 
  • litter picking 

Operations will restart when the conditions allow, however these delays may affect the cutting frequency for the year.

How often we cut grass

We aim to cut the grass as follows: 

  • Residential, parks, open spaces: 15 cuts per year 
  • Cemeteries: 16 cuts per year 
  • High amenity areas, such as crematoriums: 30 cuts per year 
  • Sports pitches: 30 cuts per year 
  • Meadow grass: 3 cuts per year 
  • Rough grass & conservation grass: 2 cuts per year

As previously mentioned, frequency of cuts can change because of the weather in the previous months.

Grass cuttings

We don't collect grass cuttings, but we try to make sure that any cuttings are blown back onto grass before teams leave the area.

We aim to do this the same working day when possible.   

This is to keep footpaths and roads clear.

More information

If you have any questions about grass cutting in your area, please call the Customer Contact Centre on 0191 427 7000 or email