Further Industrial Action Could Impact on Bin Collections

Posted by: Press Team on 06 December 2023 09:36

South Tyneside Council has received notification of further strike action by GMB union members as part of ongoing industrial action by refuse workers.

The next intended strike action affecting bin collections is expected to take place from 27 - 30 December inclusive. Action short of strike is ongoing and causing further disruption.

The council remains committed to resolving the dispute through ongoing dialogue, mediation, and conciliation. The Council is disappointed that GMB and Unite unions have chosen to withdraw from planned engagement with the ACAS conciliation process, scheduled for Tuesday 5 December 2023, despite making a previous commitment and securing a date to take part.

The council appreciates how frustrating and inconvenient the situation is for people across the borough.

Residents and businesses will be advised of ongoing contingency plans as the council works though the implications of further strike action.

An independent investigation was commissioned in September and all matters raised by waste services employees were considered by the independent investigator. Less than one fifth of waste operatives that submitted concerns (10/52) chose to take part in the investigation process. The preliminary findings of the Investigator's report were shared with all Trade Unions representing those involved in the grievance who have raised further questions that the Council will pose back to the independent investigator. Despite these questions, the independent investigation is close to conclusion and the council is committed to ongoing dialogue and discussion with Trade Unions and will continue to make repeated efforts with them to focus on working together to find an appropriate and amicable resolution.

In the meantime, the council will continue to engage with the Unions and affected workforce and is keeping the lines of communication open in the spirit of constructive and positive industrial relations.

The council must now consider all options to minimise the ongoing impact of industrial action to ensure our residents receive the service expected.

A spokesperson for South Tyneside Council said: "We are absolutely committed to resolving matters through ongoing dialogue and are extremely disappointed that GMB and Unite has stepped away from planned ACAS conciliation.

"GMB and Unite unions planned industrial action before the outcome of the independent investigation and are now proposing further strike action without getting round the table for conciliation with ACAS. Despite this, we remain committed to resolving matters through dialogue.

"It is unfair that residents continue to suffer, and contingency planning is underway. We are investigating all options to provide a service; however, we must act within the legal parameters set out by industrial action."

Up to date information is available at www.southtyneside.gov.uk


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