Dog Control Orders up for Discussion

Posted by: caroline smith on 25 October 2023 11:06


Cabinet will next week be asked to approve a three-year extension to the existing Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) addressing dog control in South Tyneside.

The PSPO ensures owners clean up after their dogs, requires dogs to be on leads in certain areas and restricts the places where dogs are allowed.

The current order is due to expire and Cabinet will be asked to renew it for a further three years.

It follows a four-week public consultation, which attracted 320 responses. Of these, 97 per cent felt it was important to control the way people look after their dogs and the environment in shared public spaces.

PSPOs are enforceable by a Fixed Penalty Notice which can be issued by the Police, Police Community Support Officers, or any authorised officer of the Council.

Cllr Jim Foreman, Lead Member for Housing and Community Safety, said: "These orders help ensure public spaces are safe and enjoyable for everyone to use and provide councils with a tool to tackle persistent problems that may be damaging to their communities. 

"We know the majority of dog owners are responsible, but we need measures in place to address issues like fouling and dogs being in areas where they are not permitted.

"The PSPO enables us to clearly set out the rules that apply to all, such as picking up after your dog, keeping your pet on a lead in certain areas or keeping them out of specific places altogether, like children's play areas.

"More than four out of five people who responded during the consultation felt that without the PSPO being extended, problems associated with dogs in public places would return."

Dog fouling remains an issue of significant concern to local residents, generating around 200 reports, complaints and enquiries to the council each year.

Subject to Cabinet approval, the renewed order will take effect from 5 November and will last for three years.

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