South Tyneside Pledge Takes the Stage

Posted by: caroline smith on 30 June 2023 12:50


The South Tyneside Pledge is being showcased at a national conference in a bid to share ideas to help other areas to adopt the innovative, collaborative way of working that has been taking place in the borough.

Launched in January 2022 the South Tyneside pledge sets out nine commitments around spending, recruitment, and support. It encourages South Tyneside organisations to focus on local activities and practical steps such as local procurement and recruitment, which can help the borough to thrive. Over 200 organisations have signed up so far.

Officials at South Tyneside Council have been chosen from hundreds of Councils across the country to share best practice at the Local Government Association (LGA) Annual Conference so that delegates can learn from and create tangible, positive impact in their own councils and communities.

Councillor Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council said: "Each year, the Innovation Zone at the LGA Annual Conference highlights the outstanding, innovative work of councils across a range of service and policy areas. I am delighted that we have been chosen to showcase the South Tyneside Pledge.

"The Pledge has encouraged organisations to look at their own practices and see what more they can do to support the borough. As individual organisations we can only do so much, but collectively, with a common set of objectives, we can make a real difference.

"I'd like to put on record my thanks to all those organisations, public, private, and voluntary, who have already signed up and those that will come on our journey in the future. Without the support of our business community in particular the Pledge wouldn't have been the immediate success it has been to date.

"By signing the Pledge, organisations, big or small are saying that they will do all they can to spend, recruit and support our local area and bring about positive change to help us meet our 20-year vision ambitions. I know that other areas can learn from our successes and work hand in hand with organisations to bring about positive change in their communities."

The Pledge aims to boost local economic activity, reduce health inequalities, cut carbon emissions, and enhance civic pride for the benefit of the whole Borough.

Pledgees range from large organisations such as the Council, NHS Foundation Trust, Nexus, Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue, Tyne Coast College, Port of Tyne, and Hitachi and Equinor through to key local firms and voluntary organisations like Harlow Printing, Ford Aerospace, Dicksons, Shower Pass UK, Wealth of Advice, Torgersens, Coote O'Grady, Urban River, HTG, HLA Services, and Hebburn and South Shields Football Clubs.

A recent survey of pledgees in partnership with Northumbria University found the following impacts so far, which have added at least £3m a year to the South Tyneside economy:

·       60% using more local suppliers

·       40% have won more local contracts

·       57% have taken on local people

·       61% have put in place climate change measures

·       55% have volunteered locally

·       45% have provided work experience

·       40% have given school talks/ career advice

Organisations, public and private, big, and small, can sign up at any time and become part of the Pledge South Tyneside network at


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