Waste and Recycling Policy Changes Set for Cabinet

Posted by: Kaye Russell on 12 May 2023 13:56

Proposals for an overarching policy on how the Council provides waste collection services across South Tyneside is set to be discussed next week (Wednesday 17 May).

The Council currently implements a series of policies relating to the collection of domestic refuse and recyclable waste.

However, Cabinet members will consider updating and consolidating the various policies into one overall document, setting out how the Council would deliver more effective, efficient and consistent collection services for residents.

This would include the Council's approach to the collection of waste across key areas, ranging from bulky waste and assisted collections, to side waste, the issuing of larger bins to families, replacements and enforcement.

A report on the issue will be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting taking place on Wednesday 17 May, at 4pm, in South Shields Town Hall.

Councillor Ernest Gibson, Lead Member for Transport and Neighbourhoods, said: "Our Waste Collection staff work extremely hard all year round, in all weathers, collecting bins from more than 70,000 households each week. Waste collection is one of those essential services on which our residents rely, and for many residents, it may be the only direct interaction they have with the Council.

"Right now, we have a series of policies relating to the different aspects of waste collections which have come into force over the years in response to changes in the sector.


"This ranges from our approach to issuing larger bins to larger families and replacing lost or stolen bins to how we engage with residents and help them to understand the role they play in waste disposal such as ensuring bins are out for collection on time and that the correct materials are placed in the correct bin.

"If Cabinet agrees, we are looking to update and consolidate our policies. This will help us to deliver waste collection services in a clear, fair and consistent way, while continuing to do all we can to reduce household waste and contamination, encourage the reuse of materials wherever possible and improve recycling rates across the Borough."

Work to reduce waste volumes and maximise recycling across South Tyneside aligns with the Council's ambition for residents being 'part of strong communities' as well as supports the Council's commitment relating the climate chance and its aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Members of the Press and Public are welcome to attend the meeting.

Last modified: 12 May 2023 13:58