South Tyneside Electoral Review


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The Local Government Boundary Commission for England reviews the electoral and boundary arrangements of councils to make sure they are fair. 

They are currently carrying out an electoral review of South Tyneside.

About the review

The review is to make sure councillors represent around the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements help the council work effectively.

The review will also look at creating ward boundaries that are appropriate, reflecting community ties and identities.

This will not change the number of councillors in South Tyneside. The Local Government Boundary Commission decided that the number of councillors should stay the same as it is now.  

Your opinions

Between May and July 2023, the Local Government Boundary Commission for England carried out consultation with South Tyneside residents.

They asked for your thoughts on:

  • where your ward boundaries should be
  • where people in your area go to access local facilities, such as shops and leisure activities
  • which areas you identify as your local community

They then published their draft recommendations and asked for your feedback. 

Consultation finished on 11 December 2023. 

Following the consultation, the Commission have developed  new draft recommendations which will be published on their website in May 2024.

They will carry out a further 10-week consultation on the new recommendations between 7 May 2024 to 15 July 2024.

New arrangements will apply to local elections from 2026.

More information 

To view their recommendations, and for more information, visit:

Local Government Boundary Commission: South Tyneside Review