Blue plaques

Nominate a person or building

To be considered for the South Tyneside Commemorative Plaque Scheme:

A person must:

  • have made a significant contribution to the legacy of South Tyneside or Britain. 
  • have a strong link within South Tyneside e.g. born, lived, worked or made their discovery or acomplishment in South Tyneside.
  • have an existing, original site with strong links to them where a plaque could be installed. It would not be possible for example, to have a plaque saying 'This is the site of the house where Catherine Cookson lived'.

A building must:

  • be prominent in the history and development of South Tyneside and should demonstrate 
    • evidental value
    • historical value
    • aesthetic value
    • communal value

How to nominate

Nominations for Blue Plaques in 2025 are now open until 31 August 2024.

Please submit your completed application form using the link below. Submissions should include supporting evidence (ideally primary source information).

Blue Plaque nomination form

Decorated war heroes

Decorated war heroes rightly deserve recognition for their service and heroics.

They are recognised through other Council initiatives including South Tyneside Remembers, rather than the Blue Plaque Scheme.