Healthy Families: Right from the start programme (HENRY)


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This is a free 8 week fun programme that will help give babies and young children aged 0 to 5 years a good start in life.

The programme helps the whole family:

  • adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • creates more opportunities to play with your children
  • helps parents to support their children's health and social development

Information sessions

As part of the programme there's also 5 workshops you can join. All sessions are 2 hour long. 

Starting solids

This workshop will explore the taste journey children will have when they start having solid food. 

Looking after yourself

A workshop which will explore maintaining positive relationships as a family.

It will also provide you with toolkits to help reduce anxiety and staying calm. 

Understanding behaviour

You will share experiences with a small group of other parents and carers, find new ways of reducing stress, and gain new ideas to help you manage daily family life. 

Eat well for less

You will gain great tips in this workshop which will help you keep to a budget and get the whole family eating more healthily. 

Healthy teeth

A workshop to help you get ideas to support teeth brushing and get ideas for healthy food swaps. You will be able to share experiences of looking after children's teeth that will help prevent tooth decay. 

How to join

To take part please complete the HENRY programme referral form.

This form is for parents / carers, or practitoners to make a request for support.

Privacy notice

Privacy notice: HENRY Programme

More information

For more information about the programme, please email