Selective licensing scheme


  1. Overview
  2. Why introduce selective licensing
  3. Proposed selective licensing areas and streets
  4. Proposed licence fees
  5. Proposed licence conditions
  6. More information


A selective licence means that all landlords with any privately rented properties in a selected area will need a licence for these properties.

Selective licensing will be introduced if the Council is satisfied that the selected area has at least one of the following issues:

  • low demand
  • significant or persistent problems caused by anti-social behaviour
  • poor housing condition
  • significant occupation of properties by migrants
  • high levels of deprivation
  • high levels of crime

Introducing a selective licensing scheme will help to improve these issues.

All privately rented properties within the proposed areas would need a selective licence.

The scheme was approved by South Tyneside's Cabinet in November 2020.

The scheme will impact approximately 3,000 properties in the:

  • Beacon and Bents ward
  • Simonside and Rekendyke ward
  • Westoe ward

The scheme will help to improve the management and standards of privately rented properties in the Borough.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the current government restrictions in place, the scheme has been paused until it can be run safely and effectively.

Why introduce selective licensing

Privately rented housing has grown considerably within South Tyneside over the last 15 years.

The private rented sector is an important part of providing a diverse housing in the Borough, so it is important that the properties:

  • are of a good standard
  • are well managed
  • help add to a well-rounded housing offer

We hope that introducing selective licensing will help to:

  • reduce anti-social behaviour and crime
  • encourage landlords to act professionally
  • improve the quality and management of properties
  • make sure landlords and agents are readily identifiable
  • protect vulnerable groups in privately rented accommodation

Proposed selective licensing areas and streets

The proposed selective licensing scheme will affect the below areas and streets in South Tyneside.

Beach Road area

View the boundary map of the Beach Road area

  • Anderson Street (Church House only)
  • Beach Road
  • Beethoven Street
  • Belgrave Terrace
  • Bents Park Road (No.2 & 8)
  • Berkely Street
  • Bolingbroke Street
  • Bright Street
  • Broughton Road
  • Burleigh Street
  • Candlish Street
  • Dale Street (No. 157, Flats 1 to 3)
  • Derby Terrace (No 1 and 2)
  • Dunelm Street
  • Eastbourne Grove
  • Eleanor Street (No. 61 to 72)
  • Elizabeth Street (No. 1 to 2)
  • Erskine Road
  • Graham Street
  • Handel Street
  • Hyde Street
  • Ladysmith Street
  • Lyndhurst Street
  • Marine Approach
  • Mozart Street
  • Robinson Street (No. 2 and 4)
  • Romilly Street
  • Rosa Street
  • Salisbury Place (No. 1, 2 to 16 even)
  • Salisbury Street
  • Seafield Terrace
  • Seaview Terrace
  • Selbourne Street
  • South Woodbine Street
  • Spohr Terrace (odd only)
  • Sydenham Terrace
  • Tennyson Street
  • Westoe Road (No. 12 to 34 even, 35 to 80, 81 to 109 odd)
  • Wharton Street
  • Wouldhave Street

Long Streets area

View the boundary map of Long Streets area

  • Alice Street
  • Barehirst Street
  • Barnes Road
  • Beaufront Terrace
  • Bertram Street
  • Chichester Road (No. 1 to 109 odd, 2 to 90 even)
  • Corney Street
  • Coverdale Walk
  • Dacre Street
  • Dean Road (No. 212 to 450 even, 207 to 379 odd)
  • Dean Terrace
  • Derwentwater Terrace
  • Devonshire Street
  • Eglesfield Road
  • Gilbert Street
  • Greathead Street
  • John Williamson Street
  • Johnson Street
  • Laygate (No. 158 to 178 even, 277 to 339 odd)
  • Malvern Street
  • Marshall Wallis Road
  • Milton Street
  • Reed Street (No. 30 to 61)
  • St Judes Terrace
  • St Marys Terrace
  • Shakespeare Street (No. 2 and 4)
  • South Eldon Street (No. 255 to 311 odd, 376 to 418 even)
  • South Frederick Street
  • Temple Street
  • Thornton Avenue
  • West George Potts Street
  • West Stevenson Street (No. 1 to 3)
  • Wharfdale Drive
  • Whitehead Street (No. 1 to 19)

Proposed licence fees

The cost of a selective licence will be approximately £550 per property for 5 years.

The fee is payable over 2 parts:

  1. You will need to pay £150 when you apply for a licence
  2. The remaining £400 will need to be paid once the licence has been approved

Proposed licence conditions

As a licence holder you must keep to the selective licensing conditions.

View the proposed Selective Licensing conditions.

More information

Consultation evidence report detailing why the two areas have been selected

Selective Licensing consultation Cabinet report