Ecological Emergency Declaration to be Considered

Posted by: caroline smith on 02 March 2023 13:44


South Tyneside councillors are to be asked to declare an ecological emergency and agree an action plan to help tackle the crisis.


The ecological emergency is the decline of nature all around us; there are fewer species and less abundance of natural life due to our actions.


A motion to declare an Ecological Emergency was presented to Full Council last year and it was agreed that the matter would be considered by Place Select Committee.


This led to the formation of a cross-party working group, made up of both officers and elected members, to consider and revise the declaration and form an initial action plan.


Cllr Margaret Meling, Lead Member for Economic Growth, Skills and Climate Change, said: "The benefits of the Borough's natural environment are vast and range from a reduction in carbon emissions to surface water management and a reduction in air pollution.


"Investing in nature also contributes significantly to the improved health and wellbeing of our communities and helps to deliver economic benefits by way of new green jobs."


At next week's meeting of Borough Council, members will be asked to make the Declaration and allocates the resources required to deliver the commitments within it.



Cllr Geraldine Kilgour, Chair of Place Select Committee, said: "Restoring nature is critical and action is needed now, at a local level, to reverse this decline.


"Making this declaration will act as an impetus for a council-wide approach to the protection and enhancement of the borough's natural environment, helping to embed ecological initiatives within many significant council work areas and programmes, as well as building on the work of local environmental organisations, volunteering groups, existing nature-based

partnerships and projects."


The declaration would also support the council's ambition to create strong communities, where people live in clean, green spaces.


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