Investment Directed Towards Creating Strong Communities

Posted by: Caroline Smith on 20 February 2023 09:11

South Tyneside Council is targeting investment to ensure residents live in clean, green, safe communities.


Budget proposals over the next five years are aligned to the Council's 20-year Vision to make South Tyneside a place where people live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

The Medium-Term Financial Plan plans to direct money towards housing, renewable energy networks and addressing residents' concerns on the ground from tackling weeds to recycling and crime prevention.


Proposals include a programme of improvements to ensure council properties are maintained to a decent and safe standard; investment in specialist accommodation for adults with learning disabilities and the continued transformation of Holborn Riverside into a vibrant mixed use development.


To create green spaces and a sustainable, carbon-neutral future, there will be continued investment in ground-breaking renewable energy schemes in Hebburn, Jarrow and South Shields, alongside a flood and coastal risk management programme and greenspace projects to restore parks and open spaces.


Proposed investment will also be targeted at boosting community safety and environmental improvements including replacement bins and a £21m programme to improve highways and footpaths.


Cllr Joanne Bell, Lead Member for Governance, Finance and Corporate Services, said: "The Medium-Term Financial Plan has been prepared using evidence and feedback from our residents and businesses and investment will be targeted to address people's concerns.


"We are committed to creating strong communities and investment will be channelled towards allowing people to remain in those communities, be it through specialist accommodation for adults with learning disabilities, or disabled adaptations to social housing.


"We want people to feel safe and proud of their environment and a new community engagement team will tackle issues from waste and recycling to crime prevention.


"We also want to create sustainable neighbourhoods and strive towards a carbon neutral future, and we'll continue to invest in our innovative renewable energy schemes and deliver programmes including replacement LED street lighting."


The Medium-Term Financial Plan will be considered by Borough Council on 23 February 2023.

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