Report overhanging trees and branches, tree surgeons, and more.


  1. Overview
  2. General protection of trees
  3. Tree surgeons
  4. Tree issues and advice


When carrying out tree works we follow a rule of minimum tree removal where possible, and make sure it is in line with guidance on the general protection of trees and the South Tyneside tree and woodland policy.

General protection of trees

The Council must prioritise its tree work following its statutory duties and based on prevailing risk.

All tree work follows British Standards and is carried out through our Arboricultural Association approved contractors.

We aways try to follow recognised good practice.

All trees, including groups, hedges and woodlands, which fall within the area of the Council's responsibility will be managed following the South Tyneside tree and woodland policy.

If a healthy tree belongs to us or we have a responsibility for it, even if it's privately owned, it can't be pruned or felled without a good reason. 

See also, tree preservation orders and trees in conservation areas.

Tree surgeons

If you need independent advice on any tree care issues, please ask a qualified professional.

A register of approved contractors can be found on the Arboricultural Association website.

For more information about local tree surgeons see, find a tree surgeon.

Tree issues and advice

For advice on trees please see common tree issues.

For other advice on common tree issues such as pruning trees, damage caused by roots or issues with leaves please see, issues with trees, hedges and leaves

You can report a problem with trees or branches on roads, pavements, or public rights of way such as a footpaths or bridleways.