Road Improvements for South Shields Town Centre

Posted by: Kaye Russell on 09 February 2023 09:49

A new one-way system is being introduced as part of a series of road and parking improvements getting underway in South Shields Town Centre this month.

The single direction route will be implemented from Mile End Road to Queen Street and along Brigham Place and Stanhope Street to help improve accessibility, safety and traffic flow on the narrow roads, which currently allow two-way traffic. A new 20mph speed limit will also be introduced along these streets.

Leader, Councillor Tracey Dixon and Lead Member, Councillor Ernest Gibson in South Shields Town Centre.
Leader, Councillor Tracey Dixon and Lead Member, Councillor Ernest Gibson in South Shields Town Centre.

Other measures in the town centre include extending the existing pedestrian zone in King Street further up Mile End Road, up to its junction with Stanhope Street, to provide more space for pedestrians as well as to deter drivers waiting with their engines idling.

Restrictions on loading, unloading and waiting will also be implemented across the area.

Unmarked parking bays along the southern section of Mile End Road and along Stanhope Street will also be formalised with pay and display. These designated parking bays will help to enhance parking availability for visitors. There will also be more disabled parking provision in the area and loading bays to support local businesses.

Councillor Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council, said: "Road safety is a key priority for the Council.

"Making improvements to help improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and safeguard both motorists and pedestrians is an important part of the work.

"It's great to see work getting underway in South Shields Town Centre to make roads safer and the footpath wider, while still retaining on-street parking and loading bays for those coming into the area."

The changes are being introduced following a formal consultation exercise and engagement with local businesses as part of the Traffic Regulation Order process.

Councillor Ernest Gibson, Lead Member for Transport and Neighbourhoods, said: "The roads get quite narrow in some streets around the town centre making two-way traffic extremely tight in places. This poses a risk to both drivers and pedestrians.

"Having a single direction along these routes will make traffic flow much smoother. Formalising the parking will also help to prevent some drivers from blocking spaces for extended periods, encouraging greater turnover and in turn availability so that visitors coming into the town centre have a better chance of getting a parking space."

The changes are expected to be complete this spring.

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