Fair cost of care report

In Sept 2021 the Government announced the Fair Cost of Care exercise as part of the wider Social Care Financial and Charging reforms.

This required Local Authorities to undertake a costing and market sustainability plan exercise to determine the Fair Cost of Care, and to understand the future provision of Older People's Care Homes and Domiciliary Care in the future.

In South Tyneside we have worked closely with the Care Sector to co-produce the outcomes of this exercise.

The key milestones for the exercise included the submission of the initial findings to the Department of Health and Social Care in October 2022.

This includes:

  • Annex A - individual provider cost returns
  • Annex B- the technical report outlining the process, medium calculations, and commercial logic of the figures
  • Annex C - which outlined the Market Sustainability Plan

Following guidance from the Department of Health and Social Care, we have completed the next stage of the exercise which was the publication of an updated Annex C (Market Sustainability Plan) to our website.

View the report:

Fair Cost of Care - Annex C (Market Sustainability Plan)

Fair Cost of Care - Annex B

Updated: 27 March 2023