Blue bins (recycling)

Putting your blue bin out

Please remember: 

  • Wash all materials before placing in your recycling bin; it helps to keep your bin clean and prevents contamination
  • Return your bin to your property on the same day after collection
  • Please only put the correct items in your recycling bin to prevent contaminating the load
  • Squash the materials together before placing in your blue bin for more space
  • Do not leave out large items or extra bags as these will not be collected
  • Empty cans and bottles before recycling. 
  • To save space - Flatten cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, and cartons. 
  • Use your old washing up water to clean your tins, bottles, jars and plastics - that way you aren't using extra water. Rinsing out packaging that contained food, drinks or other residues helps prevent the load of recyclables becoming contaminated and rejected at the sorting facility. Rinsing materials also helps prevent flies and your bin getting dirty.