Our Council Values and Behaviours

Our Council 'Values' are the things that matter most to us in terms of how we behave and work.

They are our guiding principles, and they apply to every person who works for or represents South Tyneside Council.

Our Council 'Values' have been refined through extensive listening and consultation with our residents, employees, elected members, and partners.

They are the things we most care about and are our promise to residents, each other and to all who interact with the Council.

We are progressing with an exciting programme of engagement to ensure Our Council 'Values' are deeply ingrained principles at the heart of our workplace culture and guide all that we do, individually and collectively.

Our Council Values

At South Tyneside Council ... we are PROUD:

Open and honest
Understanding and engaging
Deliver what we say we will

We are proud to make a difference


Our Council Behaviours

Having values in place is not enough; values must be "brought to life" through our behaviours.

We asked people how these values show-up in daily work life.

Their comments were used to develop positive behaviour statements under each value.

These statements are a guide and tool to help us think about how we behave and our impact. It helps us to understand "how" we can "live" our values.

Professional, means we uphold high standards. We agree to:

  • welcome people and offer to help
  • be accountable
  • accept feedback and learn from mistakes
  • manage our time and resources well

Respectful, means we value people. We agree to:

  • be polite, thoughtful, and kind
  • listen to what others have to say
  • notice and thank other for their efforts
  • treat sensitive information appropriately and with care

Open & honest, means we trust each other. We agree to:

  • share helpful information and ideas
  • work together to get great results
  • speak up against behaviours we do not want to see
  • use clear, jargon free information where possible

Understanding and engaging, means we care about people. We agree to:

  • accept and appreciate our similarities and differences
  • respect different needs and try to meet them
  • show we care and offer support
  • work together through any challenge to get the right outcome

Deliver what we say we will, means we provide great services. We agree to:

  • always do what we say we will
  • look to improve what we do and how we do it
  • reply in good time
  • keep you up to date with everything we do