Loans from other libraries

Sometimes you might want an item that is not available in our libraries. You may be able to order items from other libraries through the inter library loans system.

We will sometimes buy a book for you and tell you when it is available to collect. If we have to order your item specially or request it ourselves from another library service there will usually be a charge.

Hire charges
FormatChargeLoan period
Items in stock£1.504 weeks / 2 weeks
Items in stock for under 18s / over 60sFree4 weeks / 2 weeks
Inter library loan£6.50Variable
Inter library loan for under 18s / over 60s£3.50Variable

For more information, or to make a request, call 0191 427 1818 or pop into your local library where we'll be more than happy to help.

Suggest new library stock

We're always glad to hear your suggestions for new books, e-books and audiobooks.

You can use the form bellow to suggest a book you would like to read or which you think other people would enjoy.

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