Hebburn regeneration


  1. Regeneration plans
  2. Hebburn Central
  3. Aldi supermarket
  4. Demolition of the old Hebburn Library building
  5. Mountbatten Shopping Centre
  6. Westmorland Court
  7. Demolition of Hebnac building at Victoria Road West
  8. Hebburn Renewable Energy Scheme

Regeneration plans

The Council has a vision for Hebburn which includes quality new homes, shopping and community facilities.

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Over the last decade Hebburn has seen some exciting developments take place. Details of some of these are described below.

Hebburn Central

Hebburn Central opened in 2015.

The Council invested £13million in the development of Hebburn Central, a hub which has acted as a catalyst to secure private sector interest and funding.

Find out more about this world-class building at the heart of Hebburn, offering a gym, exercise and fitness classes, two pools and a state of the art library: 

Hebburn Central

Hebburn Central
Hebburn Central
Hebburn Central
Hebburn Central pool
Hebburn Central
Hebburn Central

Aldi supermarket

An Aldi supermarket opened in Hebburn Town Centre in 2018 and is an important part of the regeneration of Hebburn.

Opening the store has created new jobs in the Borough, and is helping to create a sustainable future.

Demolition of the old Hebburn Library building

The demolition of the old Hebburn Library building was completed in 2019.

This has created an entrance from Station Road to Hebburn Central.

The current library is in Hebburn Central.

Mountbatten Shopping Centre

The Council installed paving and seats and worked with the private sector owners, who refurbished the shopping centre in 2018.

The refurbishment has improved the retail experience for residents and visitors.

Westmorland Court

The high rise block needed millions of pounds' worth of investment to bring it up to Decent Homes standard and installation of extra fire safety measures.

The demolition was completed in December 2018, and the site was top-soil and seeded in Spring 2019.

Demolition of Hebnac building at Victoria Road West

The building was demolished in August 2021.

The site has been left landscaped to improve the surrounding area.

Hebburn Renewable Energy Scheme

An innovative project which will provide renewable heat to public sector buildings in Hebburn.

Find out more: Hebburn Renewable Energy Scheme