Code of corporate governance


  1. Overview
  2. Core principles
  3. How the Council complies with the Code of Corporate Governance


Corporate governance is about making sure that the Council is doing the right things, in the right way, for the right people, in a timely, inclusive, open, honest and accountable manner.

The corporate governance framework comprises the systems, processes, cultures and values through which the Council directs and controls its functions, and through which it accounts to, engages with and, where appropriate leads communities.

First class governance arrangements are essential to help the council deliver its ambitious vision for South Tyneside, making sure the best services and the best use of resources.

We have developed a Code of Corporate Governance to document our arrangements and to inform the community, councillors, officers and external stakeholders about our governance arrangements.

The Council's Code of Corporate Governance is based upon recommended best practice guidance jointly issued in 2007 by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).

Core principles

The code is written around six core principles.

For each principle the code details why it is important and how we can show that we comply with the principle.

  • Core principle 1
    Focusing on the purpose of the council and on outcomes for the community and creating and implementing a vision for the local area
  • Core principle 2
    Members and officers working together to achieve a common purpose with clearly defined functions and roles
  • Core principle 3
    Promoting values for the authority and demonstrating the values of good governance through upholding high standards of conduct and behaviour
  • Core principle 4
    Taking informed and transparent decisions which are subject to effective scrutiny and managing risk
  • Core principle 5
    Developing the capacity and capability of members and officers to be effective
  • Core principle 6
    Engaging with local people and other stakeholders to ensure robust public accountability

How the Council complies with the Code of Corporate Governance

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