Hebburn Family Hub

Address: Campbell Park Road, Hebburn, NE31 1QY
Telephone number: 0191 428 7650


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Opening times

  • Family Hub: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • Stanley's daycare: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm


Groups available for children aged 0 to 5 years.

Centre manager: Natalie Buglass


See a full list of activities at all our family hubs.

Programme guide

  • Learning with Play (0 to 4 years) - A group for families with children under 5 years. Promotes quality time and learning through play as well as information, advice and guidance.
  • Learning with Play SEND (0 to 4 years) - A group for families with children under 5 years with an additional need or waiting for assessment. Promoting learning through play as well as information, advice and guidance.
  • Baby Explorers - (conception to mobile) - A group for babies focusing on bonding and attachment, communication, health and wellbeing, safety, development milestones and learning through play.
  • Little Explorers (mobile to walkers) - A toddler group focusing on communication, health and wellbeing, safety, development milestones and learning through play.
  • Language Explorers (0 to 2 years) - A group to support your child's communication and language through play.
  • Henry (antenatal (0 to 5 years, 4 to 12 years) - Provides tips and support for parents and carers. Explore how to provide a happy, health, supportive environment for the whole family. As part of the programme there's also 5 workshops you can join:
    • Starting solids - This workshop will explore the taste journey children will have when they start having solid food. 
    • Looking after yourself - A workshop which will explore maintaining positive relationships as a family. It will also provide you with toolkits to help reduce anxiety and staying calm. 
    • Understanding behaviour - You will share experiences with a small group of other parents and carers, find new ways of reducing stress, and gain new ideas to help you manage daily family life. 
    • Eat well for less - You will gain great tips in this workshop which will help you keep to a budget and get the whole family eating more healthily. 
    • Healthy teeth - A workshop to help you get ideas to support teeth brushing and get ideas for healthy food swaps. You will be able to share experiences of looking after children's teeth that will help prevent tooth decay. 
  • Solihull (first 5 years, school years 5 to 18 years) - A programme based on the Solihull approach. Supports parents and carers to understand their child's behaviour in the context of their development and child-parent relationship.
  • Reducing Parental Conflict - We offer a range of programmes to support parents and carers who may be experiencing conflict such as:
    • You, me and baby too
    • Getting it right for children
    • Arguing better
    • Parenting when separated
  • Incredible Years (conception to 6 years) - A programme focusing on children's learning, development and behaviour. A chance to meet other parents and discuss positive parenting.
  • Triple P (6 to 19 years) - A programme giving parents and carers simple and practical strategies to help them build strong healthy relationships and confidently manage their children's behaviour.

Other sessions available

Baby Massage - Learn different massage strokes, strengthen your bond with your baby and meet other parents. For babies aged 0-1 year.

First Aid Sessions with St John's Ambulance - A free one and a half hour paediatric First Aid session which highlights how to respond in the first instance when first aid is required (focus is children under 1 year) covering areas such as choking baby, bleeding, convulsions, resuscitation of a baby, burns, recovery positions etc.

Baby Clinic -Weekly weighing clinic which gives you the opportunity to get your child weighed. The clinic is led by a health visitor who can offer advice and support. Booking is essential. (Please phone 0191 283 2677 to book).

Breastfeeding support -Meet other breastfeeding parents and share ideas and experiences. This group provides breast feeding support from health visitors, community nursery nurses, outreach workers, peer supported and mum-to-mum in all aspects of breast feeding.

Kalma Baby/Toddler Yoga Sessions - We are working in partnership with Kalma Baby South Tyneside to bring you a course of Kalma Yoga sessions. Classes involve yoga-inspired stretches with your little one to promote healthy and deeper sleep patterns, suppleness in joints and muscles, co-ordination and gross motor skills. Booking is essential - please contact Vicky on 07903 931 250 or online (www.kalmababy.co.uk)

Sensory Room Sessions - Research has shown that sensory experiences during the early developing years can help to boost children's brain structure. Our sensory room has a range of interactive and stimulating resources within a calming environment. Our sensory room is available to book with a maximum of 3 parents/carers and their children in each session. Booking is essential.

Please call the centre on 0191 428 7650 for further details, dates and to book your place.

STANLEY's at Hebburn Family Hub

South Tyneside Early Excellence Centre

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Ofsted report: Hebburn Family Hub Ofsted report

Centre Manager: Natalie Buglass

Stanley's Senior Nursery Officers: Sarah Butler

Free Early Education places: Yes