Cabinet Gives Green Light for Plan Consultation

Posted by: Press Team on 15 June 2022 12:00

South Tyneside Council's Cabinet has approved its draft Local Plan and given the go-ahead to start public consultation.
The six-week consultation period on the 'Regulation 18' draft will begin next Monday (June 20).
The Local Plan will be a blueprint for development in the Borough up until 2039, providing a framework for where new homes, businesses, shops and leisure facilities will be built and ensuring that the right infrastructure, such as roads and schools is in place to support growth.
The latest draft is one of several formal stages that a Local Plan must pass through by law, prior to adoption.
Cllr Margaret Meling, Lead Member for Economic Growth, Skills and Climate Change, said: "It's vital that we have an up-to-date plan so that we maintain control over development in the borough; without one, we are vulnerable to development being imposed upon us and won't have the policies in place to ensure the quality of development that our communities deserve.
"While we always prioritise developing brownfield sites first, the stark reality is we have an acute undersupply of suitable land from non-Greenbelt sources.
"From Monday, we'll be inviting people to view the draft plan and provide feedback. The plan will affect all of us, and we want to work hand-in-hand with our communities to help shape the kind of development that will create a thriving and prosperous borough.
"It isn't just about building houses; it is about the fundamental fabric of the place in which we live.
"We want people who grow up in South Tyneside to be able to stay here, with access to affordable housing and skilled jobs, and living in neighbourhoods that last a lifetime.
"The plan gives us the opportunity to enhance our assets, create better wildlife corridors, improve sustainable development and reduce emissions."
During the consultation period, there will be a series of information events at locations across the Borough, where people will have the opportunity to ask questions. A presentation will also be delivered at each of the Community Area Forums.
The draft plan, details of consultation events, plus frequently asked questions are now available to view at The consultation will not be live until Monday and any comments submitted before then cannot be taken into consideration.

Last modified: 30 June 2022 12:02