Support for drugs or substance misuse

If you have a problem with drugs, there's lots of of addiction services that can help.

Some of these services are provided by the NHS, and some are specialist drug facilities run by charities and private organisations.

Local services

The South Tyneside Adult Recovery Service is for adults affected by substance misuse who live in South Tyneside.

The Matrix Drug and Alcohol Service supports young people and their families affected by substance misuse.

View a list of additional Drug, alcohol, substance misuse services.

Or, go to NHS: Find drug treatment services. This guide to getting treatment for a drug problem will steer you through the options, so you can find help that works for you.

If you have a problem with drugs, you have the same entitlement to care as anyone coming to the NHS for help with any other health problem.

With the right help and support it's possible for you to get drug free and stay that way.

Where to get help for drugs

A good place to start is to visit your GP.

Your GP can:

  • discuss your concerns with you
  • assess the nature of your problems
  • help you choose the most appropriate treatment

Your GP might offer to treat you, or might refer you to your local specialist drug service.

Many drug treatment services accept self-referrals.

If you're not comfortable talking to your GP, you might be able to approach your local drug treatment service directly.

You can find information about local drug treatment services at Frank.