Community safety (health and wellbeing needs in South Tyneside)

High level priorities

The South Tyneside Community Safety Partnership (CSP) carries out an annual Strategic Assessment of crime and anti-social behaviour which is then used to inform the priorities for the CSP for the coming year. These priorities are published in the form of 'Making Communities Safer', the South Tyneside Community Safety Partnership Plan. This is a three year plan with an annual refresh.

The priorities for 2016 - 19 plan are:

  • Preventing Crime (including re-offending)
  • Dealing with Anti-social Behaviour
  • Addressing Domestic and Sexual Abuse
  • Putting Victims First
  • Delivering Community Confidence

To address these priorities there is a need to provide services to:

  • Support victims of Domestic Violence
  • Provide interventions to reduce substance abuse, in particular alcohol related crime and disorder
  • Reduce the offending rate of Looked After Children
  • Provide support to both victims and offenders with mental health issues.