Housing (health and wellbeing needs in South Tyneside)

Community assets and services

  • Older Persons Housing
  • The current housing market within South Tyneside provides a higher than average level of affordable housing, with approximately one-quarter of houses in the borough being socially rented. The greatest proportion of these homes are council housing, which is currently managed by South Tyneside Homes. The social rented homes across the borough provide accommodation for a range of households, from families to older people.
  • There is currently 33 Housing Plus accommodation within the borough, which provides 1,190 units of affordable specialist accommodation and low level support for older people through the council. These schemes include telecare alarms to offer security for older residents in an emergency. There is also four extra care accommodation provided through a range of service providers; Hagan Hall and Clasper Court, which are owned by the council, Campbell Court provided by Places for People and Hanover court is managed by Hanover.
  • There is also higher level support accommodation provided in the borough through a number of residential and care homes. There is a wide range of residential and care provision throughout the borough, although the spread is not evenly distributed. A number of the dementia and nursing care provision is managed by the private sector, with the greatest concentration located within South Shields town centre.
  • The quality of residential housing and nursing care homes within South Tyneside is generally high, with all of the council's care homes reaching all standards set by the Care Quality Commission. The cost of private residential homes is of concern to many households on lower incomes.

Carers in South Tyneside

  • There is not a significant difference in the percentage of carers between the locations across the borough, but it can be seen that South Shields East, South Shields West and Jarrow have a the largest concentration and South Shields Inner and Urban Fringe have the lowest. The greatest concentrated of full-time carers within South Tyneside can be found within social rented accommodation, with 4.1% of council tenants and 4.4% of RP homes containing a full-time carer. There are much lower percentages within owner-occupier and privately rented sectors.
  • The majority of these households live within family accommodation and very few have specialist housing; notwithstanding this, there are over three-quarters which have adaptations to their home. There are significantly lower satisfaction levels with current accommodation and significantly higher percentage of households highlighting that their current accommodation is too small for their needs.
  • The Carers Association in South Tyneside (CAST) provides individual support, information, advocacy and respite services for family and unpaid carers from the age of 5.

Other Resources

South Tyneside Carers

Mental Health Concern: Carer Support, Carer Support - Mental Health Concern has a dedicated service to support carers of people with mental health difficulties.

KEY Project, KEY Project help young people in South Tyneside who are in danger of becoming or have been homeless.

Wellbeing info: Places for People: South Tyneside Women's Aid, Places for People South Tyneside Women's Aid provides safe, temporary accommodation for women and their children who have been a victim of domestic violence.

Further details can be found at Wellbeing info.