UK Shared Prosperity Funds (UKSPF)


  1. Overview
  2. Key themes
  3. What the fund aims to do
  4. More information


South Tyneside has been allocated £8.8m of UK Shared Prosperity Funds (UKSPF) by Government over the next three years (2022 / 2023, 2023 / 2024 and 2024 / 2025).

UK Shared Prosperity Funds are the £2.6bn UK-wide successor to European Structural and Investment Funds (such as ERDF and ESF) and will run for 3 years.

To access this allocation, South Tyneside Council produced a Local Investment Plan, which highlighted:

  • our priorities
  • potential key programmes and projects
  • associated outputs and outcomes

The plan was submitted to Government by its deadline of August 2022. This follows a process last Summer where the Council published a prospectus on key projects and asked for projects to come forward.

The first projects have been selected following a thorough four-step appraisal process.

Further projects will be identified to benefit from the second and third year allocations of the scheme.

Key themes

There are three key themes of the fund:

  • Supporting local business
  • Communities and place
  • People and skills

What the fund aims to do

The fund aims to:

  • Build pride in place
  • Increase life chances across the UK

More information about the fund

For full details about the fund, go to: 

If you have further questions, email