Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender LGBT+ (health and wellbeing needs in South Tyneside)

Recommendations and Evidence for interventions

  • Local authority commissioners should make data collection around sexuality & gender identify compulsory part of contracts and quality assurance should be monitor this data to ensure LGBT+ people are accessing services. ( See clinical and non- clinical guidance at LGBT Foundation)
  • Public health communications should consider prevention messages targeted at LGB& T populations- Shown to be cost saving - Department of Health (2005) Health Economics of Sexual Health A guide for Commissioning and Planning'.
  • Universal services need support to ensure they are equipped to meet the needs of LGBT+ people. The local authority should take the lead on creating and implementing an evidence based framework that services should follow to show they are LGBT+ friendly and able to meet their needs. Good practice examples can be taken from 'Pride in Practice', LGBT Foundation: Pride in Practice.
  • Local authority should take the lead on ensuring that LGBT+ communities are considered as part of wider work. LGBT+ sections should be cross-referenced in other JSNAA topics such as tobacco.