Thurston Outdoor Education Centre: Night Line policy


  1. Introduction
  2. Venue
  3. Staffing
  4. Equipment
  5. Operating considerations

Created: February 2021


Thurston Night Line is a purpose built course in Thurston's woods, east of the centre. The course follows a rope line through the woods and over / through 8 different purpose built elements. The course is designed to be used with blindfolds. It can be used as a stand alone activity for team building, communication and other group or personal development objectives, or it can be incorporated into a journey.


Thurston woods, east of centre and south of hydro stream.


  • Ratio: the normal instructor / student ratio
  • Leader should have site specific training


  • Suitable clothing for the conditions and activity (also considering likelihood of ticks and other parasites)
  • Helmets should be worn when participants are blindfolded
  • Careful consideration should be given to the use of helmets when blindfolds are not worn
  • Gloves should be considered

Operating considerations

  • The course is only for use under Thurston staff supervision
  • The course is subject to regular inspections
  • The instructor should carry out a visual inspection on all elements to be used and on the condition of the 'guide rope'
  • Spotting should be used when appropriate 
  • Participants should be briefed to keep the 'guide rope' on their left at all times and to follow it wherever it goes (ensure they realise they must get low when the rope does!)
  • Only one participant on each constructed element at a time
  • Wind speed and direction need to be taken into consideration with awareness on tree movements in the proximity of the course.