Thurston Outdoor Education Centre: Behaviour policy

Revised: January 2022

For everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time whilst at Thurston O.E.C. we are dependent upon all users considering and respecting the needs of others. Standards of behaviour should be as expected in any public place.

Our expectations

  1. To treat everyone with respect at all times, particularly in the language we use and the way in which we speak to others.
    e.g. Do not be unkind, bully or harass others. Do not be abusive to anyone, either physically or verbally.
  2. To treat the Centre, its grounds and the countryside we work in, with respect. To ensure we use the environment in a way that is compatible with the principles of sustainability.
    e.g. Please use the recycling and rubbish bins. Don't leave litter around the centre or when out in the countryside.
  3. To respect others living space and property.
    e.g. Do not go in other peoples bedrooms, do not keep others awake at night.
  4. To be sensible, responsible and safe. Most young people are asked not to leave the Centre grounds, except on organised activities.
    e.g. Please walk rather than run indoors and within the car parks. Please listen carefully to your instructors and other staff and follow safety guidelines.
  5. Thurston operates a no smoking policy in all its buildings (there is a designated smoking area) and all visitors, residents and staff are expected to respect and observe this.

Work with us and help make your visit enjoyable and rewarding.