Thurston Outdoor Education Centre: Internet use policy

Revised: January 2022

Centre laptops and equipment should only be used by nominated personnel. Users should not share logins or passwords. Passwords should be changed regularly.

All machines should be locked or logged out when unattended. Staff should also consider the security of all equipment.

Internet use should be for professional use only such as resources and research for activities and equipment relating to Thurston OEC and the seeking of information for the benefit of the centre and its staff.

Legitimate private interests may be allowed where these cause no difficulties for other users and do not compromise the Centre's use.

Staff using the Internet are responsible for all emails sent and contacts made that may result in return email. Email sent through the centre is deemed to be representing Thurston OEC. As such the email must not contain defamatory remarks, offensive language or other inappropriate material.

Attachments must only be opened if you are certain they do not contain any virus or other damaging content.

Copyrights and licensing conditions must be observed when downloading software and fixes from the web sites of authorised software suppliers. Such files must never be transmitted or redistributed to third parties without the express permission of the copyright owner.

Documents or material must not be published or accessed on the web which are defamatory or which may constitute intimidating, hostile or offensive material on the basis of sex, race, colour, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability under the sovereign law of the country in which the web server hosting the published material is sited.

Thurston wishes to promote the highest standards in relation to good practice and security in the use of I.T. Consequently it expects and supports the integrity of its users. The centre's system is monitored on a regular basis and any misuse will be reported and appropriate action will be taken. In exceptional circumstances, where there are reasonable grounds to suspect a user has committed a serious criminal offence, the police will be informed and a criminal prosecution may follow.

Please address all concerns or queries relating to the above to the Head of Centre.