Thurston Outdoor Education Centre: Maintenance policy

Revised: January 2022

It is the responsibility of the Group Instructor to ensure all equipment is safe for use and receives a check before the session begins.  A similar check should take place when the activity finishes to identify any damage sustained during the session.

The instructor must ensure that all equipment is cleaned and stored appropriately.

Any significant damage or wear is reported to the Head of Centre and appropriate action taken.  If the item is unsafe for further use it must be clearly labelled and, where possible, separated from the remaining equipment until a repair is carried out.

For climbing gear (such as ropes, helmets and rack equipment) a permanent record is made of:

  1. its date of purchase
  2. first use
  3. use in major incidents, such as leader falls.

The manufacturer's recommendations are followed when the maintenance takes place. Records are kept on the Papertrail system.

Equipment replacement and purchasing policy

  • Equipment at the centre is replaced when it shows signs of excessive wear or is considered no longer capable of being used for the purpose for which it is intended. .
  • If the particular model or design of a piece of equipment is reported to be obsolete, appropriate action will be taken to remove from use or replace the item in question.
  • Refer to Repairs and breakages procedure.