Thurston Outdoor Education Centre: Fire policy


  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Application
  4. Policy
  5. Responsibilities
  6. Additional information

Revised: January 2022


Fire can have a devastating effect on people staying at the centre and is a risk to the centre.


The objectives of this policy are:

  • To safeguard all persons on Thurston premises from death or injury in the event of a fire.
  • To minimise the risk of fire and to limit the spread of fire.


This policy applies to all persons on Thurston premises and in particular to staff who have a duty placed upon them to actively monitor the implementation of this policy.


Thurston will comply with the Fire Precautions Act 1971, Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 (amended 1999) and all other current fire safety legislation and standards.

Thurston will ensure:

  • That adequate means of escape in case of fire exist for all persons on Thurston premises.
  • That all means of escape are correctly maintained, kept free from obstruction and available for safe and effective use at all times.
  • That the means of escape have adequate emergency lighting (in case of fire), which will be maintained in efficient working order.
  • That adequate means of giving warning in case of fire exist and are maintained in efficient working order.
  • That adequate means for fighting fire are present and are maintained in efficient working order.
  • That appropriate instruction will be given to all persons on Thurston premises on evacuation procedures.
  • That appropriate fire training is given to designated staff that have an active role in the implementation of fire precautions.
  • That all premises owned or occupied by Thurston are subjected to a fire risk assessment and that where risks are identified action is taken to implement appropriate control measures. 


Head of Centre and Health and Safety Officer are responsible for conducting fire risk assessments, providing advice, training, monitoring and auditing the Fire Policy, standards and procedures.

The Head of Centre shall ensure that all local precautions and procedures are followed and that persons under their responsibility are trained and given adequate instruction in the case of fire.

Staff must comply with all instructions given to them in regard to fire safety and any other fire procedures as required by supplementary codes of practice.

Staff must also report any observed shortcomings in fire precautions to the Head of Centre.

Students and visitors must comply with all instructions given to them in regard to fire safety and any other fire procedures as required.

Contractors working on behalf of, or on property owned by Thurston must comply with the Thurston Fire Safety Policy and obey all instructions given to them in regard to fire safety by authorised personnel.

Persons staying within Thurston residences must be provided with adequate information and instruction in regard to fire safety procedures and arrangements. 

Additional information

Fire drill procedure

  • The fire procedure will be introduced to the participants and visiting staff on the first day of courses by the Head of Centre or person acting in that capacity. When the centre is let on a self catering basis the party leader will be responsible for familiarising themselves with procedures and introducing them to their group.
  • Generally the fire drill will be actioned (or the procedure talked through) on a first night of the course, which should include the visiting staff and any Thurston staff that are present.
  • Thurston staff will be informed of any amendments to the fire procedure, as soon as they are put into action.
  • A log of all drills will be kept in the fire drill weekly practice folder pinned on the wall.
  • A scenario should be set up periodically with a fire blocking an exit during a practise.

Procedure for missing person

If, once all have assembled at the fire assembly point, a person or people are missing, nobody must re-enter the building.

However, if the circumstances apply where the person responsible deems it safe, and at no risk to themselves or others, they could organise a search for the missing person/people.

N.B. Note that the fire doors are classed as 30 minute fire doors (delaying onset).


The Head of Centre will carry out any training needs by either sending staff on courses or training on site at Thurston.

The staff will be kept up to date with all new policies and equipment.

Responsible Person

The Responsible Person (Head of Centre, Instructor in Charge, Visiting Leader) will take control of any situation that may arise. If they are not on the premises the most senior person in charge will take on the responsibility. If no Thurston staff are available the visiting staff will take charge of the situation.

At night the member of staff on duty or visiting leader (if there are no Thurston staff available) should take control. 

Procedures to follow if you hear the fire alarm

  • Evacuate the building on hearing the alarm (group at the fire assembly point).
  • The Fire Alarm Contractors will alert the fire brigade.
    Between 0700 to 2100 hrs there is a 3 minute delay.
    This is for the responsible person to asses the situation.
    The Fire Alarm Contractors will phone the centre number within 3 minutes for the responsible person to report (false alarm or other).
    Fire Brigade automatically called if uncertain or no report.
    Priority is to evacuate people from the building. 
  • If fire detected phone 999.
    Give them the name and address:
    Thurston Outdoor Education Centre, East of Lake Coniston, Cumbria, LA21 8AB
  • Tell them how many people are in the building.
  • Where the fire is situated.
  • If there is anyone in danger/missing.
  • Keep students away from the fire and keep them calm. Move as a group to a safe area (classroom or barn).
  • It is important you do not switch the alarm off as the fire brigade can tell which zone the alarm is in.
  • Responsible person to liaise and brief the brigade when they arrive and give Emergency Fire Box to the Lead Fireman.
  • Contact number for the alarm company is in the Fire File.
  • A register of residents will be kept next to the main exit in the cloak room. Any day visitors will be the responsibility of the person with them or allocated to them.
  • Floor plan of the building is located next to the fire alarm control box in the main hallway.

Storage of hazardous goods

All flammable goods must be kept in the fuel store or COSHH Cupboard in the workshop.