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Local Plan documents, assessments and evidence

This page includes all our documentation and supporting evidence used for producing the draft Local Plan.

Consultation takes place between Monday 20 June and Sunday 31 July 2022. Read more about how you can have your say on the Local Plan.

We have also produced some frequently asked questions about the Local Plan, which may help if you have any questions about it.

Key documents

Local Plan

HTML: Draft Local Plan (published June 2022)
PDF: Draft Local Plan 2021 to 2039 (published June 2022)10.74MB

Local Plan Policies Map

HTML: Draft Local Plan Policy Maps (published June 2022)
PDF: Draft Local Plan Policies Map (published June 2022)10.41MB

Other key Local Plan documents

Local Plan Sustainability Report (June 2022)5.02MB

Annex 1 Site Options Sustainability Appraisal Matrices22.65MB

Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal: Non Technical Summary1.86MB

Habitats Regulations Assessment (June 2022)3.48MB

Statement of Representations Procedure (published June 2022)246.45KB

Local Development Scheme (published June 2022)

Statement of Community Involvement (published June 2022)

Local Plan Duty to Co-operate Statement (May 2022)2.0MB

Evidence Papers

Housing Evidence

Strategic Housing Market Assessment4.6MB 

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 202233.46MB

Housing Density Study556.06KB

Stage 1 Green Belt Review Exceptional Circumstances 20224.69MB

Stage 2 Green Belt Review Site Assessments29.83MB

Stage 3 Green Belt Review5.76MB

South Tyneside Site Frameworks (2022)12.67MB

Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showperson Accommodation Assessment 2021793.63KB

Economic Evidence

Employment Land Review 20192.2MB

Employment Land Technical Paper7.72MB

South Tyneside Economic Assessment (Dec 2021)12.17MB

Town Centre and District Centre Use Study (2018)10.23MB 

Natural Environment Evidence

Site Selection Topic Paper2.09MB

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 20224.48MB

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2022: Detailed Maps25.06MB

Sequential Flood Test753.44KB

Playing Pitch Mitigation - Site Search Methodology4.19MB

South Tyneside Playing Pitch Strategy (2019)1.25MB

Non-Breeding Bird Survey of the South Tyneside, Sunderland and County Durham Coast 2019 / 2020 (April 2020)11.67MB

South Tyneside and Sunderland Coast Visitor Survey Analysis (Jan 2021)5.57MB

The Air Quality Annual Status Report (June 2020) 

Wader Survey - South Tyneside (2020)4.84MB

Open Space Update Addendum (2019)630.68KB

South Tyneside Open Space Assessment Report (2015)2.28MB

South Tyneside Open Space Standards Paper (2015)1.18MB

Wind Development Study (2022)3.0MB

Coastal Designation Justification (2022)1.31MB

South Tyneside Landscape Character Study (Part I & II) and Landscape Sensitivity to Wind Power Development (Part III) (2012)52.91MB 

Climate Change Evidence

Climate Change Topic Paper673.82KB

South Tyneside Carbon Audit (2021)6.63MB

Infrastructure and Viability Evidence

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (2022)2.96MB

Traffic Assessment (2022)72.55MB

Large Greenbelt Release Accessibility Report 20219.63MB

Large Greenbelt Release - Aimsun Testing 2021977.07KB

A194 / A184 White Mare Pool Emerging Pressures - White Mare Pool Junction Study (December 2021)1.86MB

Local Plan Viability Testing (Dec 2021)2.32MB

Local Plan Viability Testing: Appendices 1 - 911.94MB

Local Plan Viability Testing: Appendix 1032.89MB

Local Plan Viability Testing: Appendices 11 - 2128.97MB

Joint Local Aggregates Assessment (April 2022)5.54MB

Built Environment Evidence

Heritage Impact Assessment20.65MB

Site Allocations

Brownfield Land Register Guidance Notes243.32KB

Brownfield Land Register 202215.77KB

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